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A long way down!

I started off this journey trying to get down to these beautiful waterfalls that I had seen online of this place. There is even a few videos of people jumping off big and small bluffs into this clear pool of water. 

For the beginning of this hike you can click here.

In the above post I mentioned the dogs, and the picture didn’t load. I never noticed until after I posted it. So I will start off with that photo. 

It’s the dogs, my two and my moms dog. My mom’s dog is a small five pound chihuahua mix named Penny, you can just barely see her in the lead. Then you might see my white wolf dog named Meika, she is black on the bottom in this photo, and trailing behind is my new pup, a doberman aussie mix named Luna. 


My son, looks like hes about to start a dance! hahaha, except for that face, looks like he’s feeling the burn. He has a loaded back pack on. He is training for the Appalachian Trail. Over 2000 miles. 


The title to this post is a long way down, this is why…


You can hear the water below, but unless you are a bird, you cannot see it from here. This is a drop off.

Luna is checking out the edge..


Then a rare shot of Meika.


And my back side! We are almost to the top! 


We made it to the top! We basically followed the utility lines. My son and the dogs make it up before I do.


Wonder what the view would be like up there! 


And the view when you get up here is fantastic! 


 We stayed up here for a few hours. This means I have a lot more pictures to show, a bit more in depth. My creative side took over after I had rested. lol 

Sneak preview.

I will post a few more in the next few days, and title the post, “On TOP”! 

 Have a great day. 



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Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • I am lucky, not many get to spend a lot of time with them after they grow up. I have a hard time getting together with my oldest, he is off when I am working and visa versa.
      The dogs are already for another adventure. They say hi!

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