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New Zealand Sheep Part one

New Zealand has often had more Sheep than people. There are different types of sheep. One that is popular here is the Merino for it’s wool.

Lamb though has been on the table not just for NZ but it is sold world wide. 

My sister Felicity & her husband has up to 3 or 4 sheep, ewes often bearing lambs every year in Te Kauwhata. Her sheep are self shedding sheep so shearing is not necessary but every lamb is treated kindly with much love from their owners. 

Wiltshire Sheep on Felicity & Johns place, Te Kauwhata

These are ewes and they are friendly. 

Sheep in Cornwall Park, Auckland

Cornwall Park is run like a farm for beef cattle and sheep. It is a park but run as any other country farm. It is a farm inside the city of Auckland.

Lamb in Ambury Park, Auckland

Many people don't get the chance to see a farm in Auckland but it is also made possible in Ambury farm. It has sheep and milking cows. Also goats and pigs and Clydesdale horses.

Here is a lamb.

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