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Nature Tuesday started off with a Sunrise today!

I was very happy since this is the time of year we usually do not get to see a sunrise. We are usually clouded in fog in the mornings and late afternoon. It’s been so thick over night that it looks like it has rained over night most nights. 

Not last night! With that polar vortex that is currently traveling across the United States it just misses us, but we are affected in a different way. A most pleasing way. It is keep the marine layer at bay so to speak and hanging out in the water and not on land. 

Sunrise it is. Here was today’s. 

#1 First click.

We did have a problem last night over night. The dogs alerted that a coyote had come over the 10 foot high fence and brought down a post. You can see the top part of the fence on the bottom left. I have a regular chain link 6 ft fence, and then I put chicken wire on top of that. The coyotes usually dont bother to try to jump in because the top is so flimsy and they cannot quite clear it with one of their bouncy hops. One tried. 

#2 The doberman part of Luna likes to patrol all through the night. She does not sleep at night.

She has this bark for coyotes. It is a special bark, and boy it'll wake you out of a dead sleep. This happened last night. 

#3 Half moon!

Coyotes like to hunt when the moon is bright. And even with a waning moon it was still super bright out.  At 5am Luna goes to bed for four hours in the morning. 

#4 Meika wakes up around 2am.

And goes to help Luna in with yard patrol. That coyote was very surprised to have a wolf and tiny doby to tangle with. By that time I was wide awake. It didnt make a quiet exit. It jumped three times before making it back over to safety. 


What do you think?

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    • No, I dont. I have cats. They love the patio, but now it looks like I might have to go higher on the fence. Since PETA stepped in and wont allow coyote hunts, we are very very over populated with coyotes. Some of this pack that wonders close to us have a few coydogs in the group. Although the one that jumped the fence looked all coyote. The ones mixed with dogs cannot jump as high. Anyway, we have 10 coyotes per sq. mile here in Oceanside.

  1. You have good and reliable security. Well done to the dogs. I don’t have the opportunity to see the sunrise now with my new working hours. As always wonderful photos. Beware. Kyotos are dangerous animals.

    • They are well paid too! 😉 Although they’ve had to take a lot of rain checks on hiking lately. They say thank you, keeping the kitties safe is number one priority around here. They are dangerous to toddlers and small pets yes. I just need to make the fence taller. I will win this battle.

    • True, and thank you Ileana. It is so nice to wake up and not be blanketed in a thick fog. Coyotes are very skittish. There are 10 per every sq. mile here, and you wont ever see them, only in rare cases like this. They only hunt at night because we are populated here. You can hear them howl, bark and yip at night, most nights. They hunt pets in backyards here.

    • I was.. until yesterday. I got bit pretty bad on my index finger. Fear biter and not the dog you liked on my page yesterday. It was the other one…. The one that didnt get his after shot taken. I didnt want him on the table any longer than it took to get his hair off. But yes, the virus part was over about a month ago now, the rash is completely gone now as well. In fact I was almost completely better by the time Jace and mom got it.


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