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Nature Tuesday – A collection of Natural Photos

Nature has such a wide variety , and I can put anything around me in here.

The thumbnail is a Thrush sitting in a tree at Ambury Park.

It can cover the weather, native bush, gardens, trees, animals, birds and the list is endless.

I cant cover the lot but have put in what I have.

#6 What Nature did to our back fence last Saturday!

Strong winds over 100 miles an hour all Saturday.

Yes, work men came today, they looked at it, discussed it and took off in a truck. I assume they will be back to fix it soon 

#7 Strong winds 100 miles an hour….Auckland Airport

I could barely stand up to take the photos here, and it was a real battle to open the car door to get inside the car as the wind was keeping the door shut with great force.

That was on Saturday, all day. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • That is so true, our place belongs to Housing NZ and so we don’t have to pay for it to be fixed…
      Yes, plenty of people worse off, like in Cable Bay Northland where a tornado got their homes. Fortunately no one was killed and neighbours are helping each other rebuild.

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