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My miniature garden adventure…

I love gardens! Every kind in fact. I am all for growing plants that are pretty but still be edible.  My patio garden has a great variety of plants, most of them are in containers. I decided to try something a little different. Mini gardens. Perfect for small spaces like I have.

A friend of mine inspired me to try a mini garden. You can find him on Facebook, here.

He is a pro! Mine can’t even come close but I had a lot of fun in making them.

Here are a few I made, look below for a mini tour. Everything is very small, from the tiniest plants I could find and even some furniture I made of rocks, sticks and Popsicle sticks. The tiny signs and other things I bought at a local arts and crafts store.

The biggest one is in a fire pit thing I had laying around. I bought the gazebo and fence.

I think the pansies were too big, but I used them anyway.. I put a quarter on the flagstone for size reference.

I ended up by putting tiny gravel down to cover the soil. It set the flagstones in, and made it look better.. I didn’t get a picture of that. I did this about two weeks after I had finished for an added touch.

In the one below you can see where I made a picnic bench.

Furniture made of tiny pebbles and shells. This one was made to sit in a mini garden. It has a waterfall a table with cocktails.

Table for two??!!

A tiny cast iron bench I bought. I noticed the tag after the photo. lol must pull that off.

I sprayed this pot with that textured spray paint. Makes it look like a rock wall, but its just a cheap plastic container that was just sitting empty in the yard.

Below is a recliner or bench lounge with some tables..

They were so fun to make. A great rainy day project..

Below is a 2″ by 2″ rock house. You can see my glasses for size reference.

The rock house has a planted garden on the roof.

Below I made a tiny pergola and table.

Tiny views..

In a hanging basket..

The fence..

And another park bench.

All in all this was super fun to do. You should try one!

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  1. That is so beautiful and inspiring! My fingers are aching to do something, and I love everything you did in that fire pit…What an idea! Now, I have to keep my eyes out on trash day and maybe I can snatch one.

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