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My Garden Surprise: An Open-Ended Quiz

This is a new twist on a quiz. Instead of me making lots of questions with multiple choice answers, you can guess what this is. By “this,” I mean the red and white thing surrounded by greenery. If you can’t guess that, then try to identify anything you can in this photo.

I cut this out of a larger photo which I will post after you have all made your guesses. I did not expect to find this in my garden. I was however, delighted to see it.

You know that the setting is a garden. Can you identify any of the plants? Can you tell the flowers from the weeds? Did some foreign object fall into this garden scene? If so, what might that be? Could it be edible? How good of a botanist or detective are you? I’m curious to see what you will discover. Please put all your guesses or any other thoughts into the comments below. This is just for fun.


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