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My Canna Lily is RED… Canna Lily Fun Facts!

I love growing edible plants, and I love flowers! I would love to have an all edible flower garden. This is one I would surely pick. 

They call them Canna Lilies but it is not a true Lily. They are a tropical perennial plant, and they are grown from rhizomes and are better related to the Bird of Paradise, Bananas and Heliconias. 

#4 The seeds

are sometimes added to tortillas. 

The seeds are also used as beads in jewelry. 

The seeds can be used to obtain a purple dye. 

#5 In some remote parts of India, cannas are fermented to produce alcohol.

#6 The fiber

from the leaves are used to make a light brown paper. 

#7 In Thailand

Cannas are a traditional Father's Day gift, and in Vietnam, canna starch is used to make noodles. 

So you see, the whole plant is edible. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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