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Monsanto stands by RoundUp despite concern growing worldwide


The term “staying on a sinking ship” that has been used for around one hundred years refers to the sinking of the Titanic.  The Titanic was supposed to be an indestructible ship, but sank when it hit a glacier.

The analogy works here in the case of Monsanto in regards to the weed killer RoundUp.  Although 30 countries are looking to phase out any products with glyphosate, a chemical that has been shown to cause cancer, Monsanto still looks to hold their ground and defend their carcinogenic products.  Basically, Bayer should not have bought Monsanto last year.  Now, Bayer is scrambling to find an alternative to glyphosate in their labs while paying out billions of dollars in litigation.

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  1. Thank you. This is a perfect article about Roundup. Monsanto and its parent company are currently involved in more than 13000 lawsuits involving Roundup. Time to shutter that business. Of course, Monsanto can’t say that publically they would end up losing all those lawsuits.

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