Monsanto banned from spraying children's crops

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The US government has a rule that pesticides that harm children cannot be sprayed upon crops that children eat.  However, what in the world are children’s crops?  Children’s crops could be defined as common fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  However, Monsanto continues to spray methyl parathion and chlorpyrifos on crops.  These chemicals have been proven to cause brain damage in children.

Nevertheless, Monsanto skirts around this ban by spraying glyphosate on soybeans.  Glyphosate has been proven to be a known carcinogen.  By saying that soybeans are something that children do not eat, then Monsanto sprays the mess out of them.  However, soybeans are in all kinds of foods that are used as meat substitutes.  Therefore, children actually eat foods with soybeans.


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    • That’s what the courts say. The federal court blocked the EPA from allowing companies to spray chlorpyrifos in the USA. The EPA under this current administration has given Monsanto the OK to spray banned pesticides because they only spray them in Hawaii and Puerto Rico within the USA.


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