Pesticides destroy peach farm in Missouri

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The case against Monsanto placed by Bader Farms is currently ongoing in Cape Girardeau, MO.  All of the peach trees on the farm in Campbell, MO has been destroyed by the pesticide called dicamba that drifted into his area.  In the picture, the damage that the pesticide made by Monsanto has done to the peaches at his farm.  

The side effects of dicamba are nerve damage and blue lips.  This pesticide is so toxic that it has caused the fruit to wither and has caused the branches to be damaged.

In court earlier this week, Monsanto claimed that dicamaba did not destroy the peach trees and insisted that the trees were destroyed by a fungus called armillaria root rot.  However, the root rot only occurs in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  This rot only happens in southeastern USA.  Missouri is not even close to these states.  Did Monsanto grab a Sharpie?


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