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Macro Monday – Tisa fruit (Taxus baccata)

Tisa tree (Taxus baccata) resembles conifers. It has a symmetrical silhouette, the shape of the leaves similar to the conifers (glossy on the surface and the underneath) and they persist during the winter. All parts of a tisa plant are toxic to humans with the exception of the yew berries. Berries look like lanterns. Sweet with the gelatinous core, they are even pleasant to taste. In Romania this is a tree protected by law. We have some tisa trees in the Chindia Park, where I have thaken this photos. My previous post Macro Monday – Old man’s beard( Clematis Vitalba)

#4 #4 Macro

Would you like to give me some more

A flight into your beautiful world,

I would dedicate a sweet poetry to you

In the cold winter.

It reminds me of the dream,

I run through the tumultuous life

To give me a sunny day,

A flight to your beautiful world.

This photo is taken last spring! I hope you enjoy! Thank you very much! have a great week!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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