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Just a quick visit to Bangpae Waterfall in Phuket :)

Another sunday off and decided to drive down to have some alone time at Bangpae waterfall.. It’s not that big but good enough haha. Its somewhere north of Phuket and it’s quite beautiful. Clear water thats very soothing to your soul and forest hike is wonderful. Good exercise haha for me anyway who is not very active on sports or fitness :D.

I am on my long holiday right now and so i have to do this but when I was working before and how busy it was and the things you have to dealt with at work, then I always love and enjoy my alone time…away from everyone haha. To be at the beach with my book or road tripping to somewhere as often as I can is my own personal kind of meditation..:) Live more. Laugh more. Give more. And Love more.


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