Improving Lives in Africa


Hey, look!  Monsanto wants to help the people in Kenya.  Over the weekend, the government of Kenya approved the use of GMO cotton within the country.  As this video shows, the genetically modified seeds will also be used for corn as well.  The genetically modified crops would be made to be drought-resistant and would be made to be pesticide-resistant.

On the surface, the expectation of better crop yields looks great for Africa.  The new crops would lessen the chance of famine that has ravaged the continent in the past.  However, there is an ulterior motive as to why Monsanto wants to help Africa.  It’s not from science fiction, but these GMO crops from Monsanto could be used as spy plants.

The plants could be used to detect radiation from mines whenever the US military chooses to maintain their imperialistic hold that they have on the continent.


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  1. I used to support Africa by converting my run miles into cash which are given to charity. Ran a race in the past involving a race that used my registration fund in order to give clean water which I liked. I’d love to do that again in the near future outside of the run because that run was too damn expensive.


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