GMOs and plant transformation


Have you ever wondered how Monsanto creates genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).  Well, this video from the Monsanto Research Center at the Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis, MO shows you how they manufactured GMO’s.

The key to GMO’s is a process called plant transformation.  The process is sort of like in vitro fertilization.  However, with GMO’s, the embryo of a corn seed is mixed with bacteria.  The bacteria is what makes the corn seeds resistant to pesticides.

This type of transformation is a problem with the bodies of people because if pesticides cannot break down this GMO corn, then how does one expect for the human body to break down this corn upon consumption?  This type of processed food is a reason why the world has too many morbidly obese people.  This processed food transforms and mutates the body of a person.


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