Why Haiti never recovered from 2010 earthquake

Ten years ago, the country of Haiti was ravaged by a devastating earthquake.  Millions of dollars were donated to various non-profit organizations that were supposed to have helped the island nation to rebuild.  However, the country still remains in shambles.  

Over the past three years, Haitians have protested in the streets demanding the resignation of President Juvenal Moise due to corruption.  Government corruption within Haiti has kept the country in squalor.

Second, around one hundred million dollars was donated to the Clinton Foundation.  We all know that money was used towards the 2016 US Presidential campaign of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Finally, this last reason I did not hear about until now.  Monsanto attempted to commit a genocide of the entire nation of Haiti.  What did Monsanto do?  To help out Haitian farmers that lost crops due to the earthquake, Monsanto attempted to donate 475 tons of GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds.  

The GMO seeds would have been used all over the country, which means that RoundUp would have been sprayed over each and every field in Haiti.  Everyone in Haiti would have contracted cancer, but Haiti was smart enough to burn almost all of the seeds after they were donated by Monsanto.  This totally sounds like the Tuskegee Experiment in which eugenics was used in order to depopulate those who are of African descent.


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    We know how you feel about this product. We can see your passion. I would love to see you write about some other things as well. It is becoming a little tough to read. It almost sounds like you are involved in creating propaganda. It’s great to write what you are passionate about. Just include some other passions. (This is just my opinion and not meant to be hurtful or critical.

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