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Hear from 81 year old, Doctor Lorraine Day, all about what had been wrong with her, long before ever being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and then with breast cancer, how she discovered how  we all give  ourselves diseases like cancer, and how she had to face  it head-on. Listen to her discovery of the ultimate cure for all disease, and how she came face to face with that highly elusive, enigmatic, yet hugely hinted about, broadly speculated about, yet, utterly consuming and soul liberating word, the Truth!

When a trauma surgeon comes face to face with a killer disease erupting, not from a patient of hers, but from the  confines of her own young body, man, do you then hear the truth of truths?

I could go on and on about this deeply devout and gracious Christian lady and the values that lie deeply entrenched in her walk of life. I will however not do so but will in stead share the rare interview contained in this short video, with anyone who seeks solace for a troubled spirit.  Listen to Lorraine, take you on a remarkable journey of self discovery and healing. I would urge you, to view this video in the You Tube mode which will allow you to browse through the many positive comments from her followers, below, perhaps even adding your own encouraging message to the list below the description and perhaps sharing the video on your own social media sites by posting the link for someone else to watch. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. For most of my life whenever I have had moment of not feeling too well I encourage myself and I say if I can stand up on my own two feet, is I can think for myself and if I can do all I have to do then this feeling shall pass and I will on and continue to be well. Of course, I do thank the Lord for all my blessings each and every day.

    • Hello Sandra, there is of course nothing wrong with how you deal with illness and it works for you. The same goes for Doctor Day, some of us may hugely differ from her methods, yours or mine but if it works for you who cares about what some or other skeptics say about it? The diagnoses of my emphysema by two specialists and its total disappearance for over 30 years now, or the young man, born with no eardrums wanting to hear the sound of his mother’s voice so badly, he began to hear. And what about my young niece who was told 1 month before her wedding, that she had to undergo a full hysterectomy at 22 years of age and getting married, she refused and wanted to hear what I had to say about it. I’m not a doctor in any way or sense but my recovery from emphysema was well known in our family circle and she wanted to talk to me first. I asked her whether she believed the doctor’s diagnosis, and she said no. I told her to see another specialist and his verdict was that there was a slight infection which was almost cleared up. She married and had 3 healthy children, all are married and have kids of their own today, so hey, who cares what “people” say? People said some pretty mean stuff about Jesus during his life too. Have a great weekend.


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