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Maintain the balance of your life

Colombian jungle shamans believe that their rites maintain the balance of the world: as soon as they stop praying, Earth and all humanity will disappear. 

Such things make us laugh: managing the destinies of the planets is not for human power, only madmen can believe it.

We will not change the laws of space, but if we do not try to manage our lives, we will be just crazy. Tiny cosmos orbits fly within us – we are responsible for them. And no matter how we manage it – through prayers, meditations, wise counsel, good music or smartbooks – all roads are good.

Just to make it work. I wish this to myself and you.

© Fortune, 2009

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Written by Fortune

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  1. In some ways, everything affects everything else, even in small ways, as all is connected.

    What we do, has some effect, as nothing goes unnoticed by the Universe.

    Everything happens according to its laws, and so even whatever these Shaman think that they are doing, what they are doing is affecting something, but perhaps not the laws, which are to my mind pretty much a given.

    There is something known as the “butterfly effect” which is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system.

    Maybe their rites help them to obtain a healthy ego, but it is debatable whether a large ego is good for us, or not. At least, they might not get depressed, if they think that they are behind the workings of the World…LOL…

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