The natural beauty of the winter frost in the morning outdoors

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Hiking in the Winter Fairy Tale

Seldom in my life, I fall into a winter fairy tale. When I walked along the frozen ice of the forest snow river in the morning,  snow was laying around. Frozen plants on frost snow acquired an amazing view that can only be seen on a frosty winter morning. Frozen snow needles and in the sunlight look especially beautiful. We can observe the pure nature of its natural beauty. I had a macro lens with me and I tried to preserve this beauty of nature in photography. Most likely of course to convey the beauty of this amazing winter wonderland is not possible, but that it remains for about memories.Ya decided to share what I saw this winter beauty with you.

Shade plants in the winter snow cover in the light of the frosty sun

Game of shadows in the sun

Many plants are not visible due to snow, only those that are above

The natural beauty of the winter frost in the morning outdoors

In the autumn it was a dried up weed, and in the winter frosty morning it turned into a fairy-tale winter flower.

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Plant under snow frosty winter morning

Beautiful winter flower from snow needles

Sunlight illuminated the snowy hill winter cold morning

Snowy frozen winter flower in snowflakes in the sunlight of the morning

Frozen wild plant in the winter under the snow-white snow in the sunlight

Beautiful sunlight illumination of a snowy winter flower on a clean white snowy background

Shadows of sunlight in the winter snowpack

It looks like figures with snow

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