Sunrise in a cloudy winter sky over a forest swamp

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My hiking to the winter forest swamp

My hike to the sunrise on a winter snowy swamp. I came to the swamp through the winter forest on a forest old road at dawn before sunrise. It is necessary to inspect the area with a compass to determine the direction of sunrise. Make a few preliminary shots so that at the time of the first sunlight is ready to be photographed. I was on a winter swamp for the first time and for me, everything seemed surprisingly beautiful. The northern natural nature of the winter snowy marsh seemed more magical and mysterious.

After sunrise, I tried to photograph the swamp its vegetation, the vegetation cover under the snow. The sunlight singled out patches of marsh covered with plants, grass under snow, cranberries under snow. The snow-covered dangerous swampy patches of the swamp, but it must be carefully and carefully walked. In the snow in some places traces of wild animals are visible. Cold fingers freeze when taking pictures so you have to go to the house to warm up by the stove and warm your hands.


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Written by yarvin13