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My hiking to the winter forest swamp

My hike to the sunrise on a winter snowy swamp. I came to the swamp through the winter forest on a forest old road...

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Hiking in the Winter Fairy Tale

Seldom in my life, I fall into a winter fairy tale. When I walked along the frozen ice of the forest snow river in...

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Why animals go to the rising sun. Animal tracks on the ice of the forest river?

Walking into the forest on a winter morning until dawn, I walk along the ice under a white clean snow. The ice on the...

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Walking under the moon in the winter night forest

I made a hike to the winter forest at night under the moon. It was a frosty winter night. I wanted to see a...

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Winter in the morning – photos of the season from autumn to winter

Winter with autumn elements, winter has come, but the autumn season retains its position. In the month of December, it is possible to poach...

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