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Heavy snow fall in Mexico in Summer

Mexico Guadalajara City.  Unexpected heavy snow fall up to 5 feet , the whole city started giving a unrealistic scenario on Sunday.

People were surprised to see heavy snow fall In the summer season, the temperature is 31 degree centigrade and the entire city is covered by ice.

Hails stone usually occur in the summer and when moisture in the air gets steam rising upwards, it causes rain and storm. In summer it often happen that the temperature drops to zero degree, that is why steam snow turns into crystals.

In the northern capital of Mexico, 450 houses were affected by Hail storm, while vehicle were stuck for 5 feet in snow, however, fortunately no loss was found.

Due to severe snowfall, 2 people received information about hypothermia.

However, after the sudden snow fall, the personnel started to remove snow through heavy machinery to protect civilians.

Mexican media said that as soon as the ice started melting the city began to look like the river and due to which the vehicles started flowing with water flow and traffic on several roads and highways was suspended.

Inundada!!!! 😰😢😭

Gepostet von Sandra Moreno Villasenor am Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019


Gepostet von Sandra Moreno Villasenor am Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019

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