Gallery of Rosealla Photos

I took these photos of a specific Rosealla near where I live in Onehunga. It seemed to eat the seed of this particular tree. There are other Roseallas near by and yet plenty of food in this tree.

The bird seemed to pose for me, and was very obliging. It is quite a character, and didn’t mind the intrusion as long as it got something to eat.

#1 First Sighting

It sees me with the camera

#2 Rosealla eats

Ignoring me, intent on food. 

#3 Another day its in a tree near the Pacific Island Church

This day it's keeping it's distance


I take a closer look but doesn't want me close today.

#5 Another day

Oblivious to me, dinner is served

#6 focused

#7 Staring into space

This bird is considered a pest by New Zealand ministry of fisheries, especially as it's an Australia bird that rode on the equinox winds through the Tasman sea and landed here. 

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