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Fathers and Sons

Hello everyone,

This is my youngest son (Jace) and my grandson (Ethan) and of course Meika (my wolf dog).

It is such a pleasure watching my son as a father. He is the best dad, (since my dad) that I have seen. I might be a little biased. I love how well they play together.

Maggie Mae had a hand in raising him as well. He is now a regular, “pack leader” as Cesar Milan would say.

They often go with me on my hikes here in North County San Diego California. My grandson has gone hiking with us every since he was born and had to be in a stroller. He really loves exploring the wilderness now as he is getting older. Here are some of my favorite outdoor photos I have taken.

One of my favorite things to photograph is my son with his son.

 Nothing like a father and sons love. Hope you enjoy! Much love to all ~~


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