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Entertain the Kids During Lockdown with a Backyard Camp Out

Are your kids going stir crazy with the COVID-19 lockdowns?  Or even if your lockdown is “officially” over but you have been keeping your family at home and safe, kids end up going a little stir crazy with nothing to do.  That’s where you can step in and plan a family backyard camp out!

Pitch your tent in the afternoon hours so everything is ready.  If you live outside the city limits or the country set up a fire pit for roasting marshmallows or making Smores.  Get the sleeping bags, flashlights, cooler stocked, snacks and your dinner planned.  You can make it simple with sandwiches or grill hot dogs over your fire. Either way, it is something different and a time for your family to bond. The best part is that the kids will have fun too!

Bring out a deck of cards, or another game that can be played with a lantern or flashlight for entertainment after you fix your hot dogs and make your dessert over the campfire.  Another option is to sing around the campfire.  If you have a musician in the family let them lead everyone in some songs and play along on guitar.  

No musicians?  No problem!  You can tell ghost stories and other scary stories that will have the kids thinking twice when the flashlights go off and it is time to go to sleep.

Who knows, this new adventure could become a new tradition for your family!

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