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Deer Farm at Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

At 2014 We went to stay with my Aunt Cara in Havelock North, Hawkes Bay. She was married to my Uncle Derek (passed away)who had a sheep farm in Kereru in the countryside of Hawkes Bay. The he was alive he also raised deer.

However, this was one day , Aunt Cara took us out in the district of Kereru and this is one of many deer farms.

So the deer farm is not theirs but belongs to some one else. We stopped outside a deer farm while I took photos of the deer. The thumbnail is a close up of a deer.

Now I don’t know a lot about deer but in the passed they were introduced to New Zealand for the purpose of hunting . Unfortunately, the deer began to destroy New Zealand native forrests. My Dad and brother Denis often went away to hunt deer in the forrest for dinner. Denis still does that although Dad passed away 1993.

Some brave helicopter pilots went and either shot deer dead or just shot them with tranquilliser darts and some of them have been raised on deer farms. Venison is a very healthy meat. 

However, looking at these beautiul animals. I don’t understand people who only shoot for sport trophies and not use the meat. I would rather not have to eat them, but the deer are a pest and cant be left out of control. People get hungry and need food on the table.

Deer meat in New Zealand has become a commercial industry. Not only for their meat but from the velvet of their deer horns.

#1 Deer farm

I have an audience

See more

#2 Some deer look at me

The others are more interested in eating grass

#3 Look out by a pine tree

This deer is looking at the camera

#4 One Deer

Gives you an idea

#5 More spectator Deer

I have a large animal audience

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  1. we sadly in Maryland have reached the point where the deer overpopulation problem is massive. The diseases only take so many a year. Where once in Maryland you were allowed to take one buck a year, and no Does, now they limit is 3 Does a year!

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