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My day started with a magic

Sunrise. That short part of the day when the sun is over the horizon. That brief part of the day that ends the cold night and starts the new day. That short part of the day that brings with it a bit of unexplained magic that calms, brings satisfaction and energizes a person with energy and positive emotions. I love the sunrise! I love the early morning. I love them because of the feeling I feel every time I get up to watch or shoot some sunrise. Regardless of the season and regardless of the weather. In the summer it begins to grow very early. Dawn starts long before the first cocks. The light stripe on the horizon begins to dye in bloody tones, and the stars fade one by one until the brightest ones finally disappear from the sky. The new day is born. If the cloud is heavy but breaks right at sunrise, there is a light show again, just like in winter, a real explosion of colors … and the displaying sun spreads the landscape in incredible pastel tones, which also contributes to the cloud cover, Reflects the light. But even the best place or the sunniest season is not a guarantee for a beautiful sunrise. Fresh morning can make a place look different. Sometimes in the morning it may be pleasant and warm, and the sky is overflowing with colors.


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