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There is always a reason why some people leave us

Finally, in my life, I came to a point where I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that I don’t care about some people. Especially those who left me at the crossroads with a broken heart. I found my way to a safe place.  After all, the wounds heal. And I’m not worried about scars.

Sometimes, people after a long time ask me – how are you? Seriously, I don’t even know what to answer to such a question. How should I tell you in a few sentences what has happened in my life over such a long time? Even if I was describing one day, a few words would still not be enough for me.

I probably belong to a group of people who just don’t remember why someone went missing from my life. They are gone, they are not there. So there was some reason. I just don’t remember stories like that. And I try not to analyze them.

I focus on those who reached out to me with a helping hand and gave me their heart and a thousand warm words that were action-based. I don’t care about bad memories. I prefer positive emotions and beautiful thoughts. Yes indeed, we are the feelings we have inside.

And life is changing. It tests people. We are rethinking values. And I don’t want to think anymore what if. Because such thinking leads to nowhere. Such thinking is vegetation, a vicious circle, a dead end. This kind of thinking causes pressure on the nerve cells. I want to live. I want to enjoy the weather, the world. I want to be loved and love. I want to be happy.

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