The Pattern of Life!

The life circle? Does anyone know what it is? If not here it is life circle when something happens in your life really bad and things happen and there’s no way you can turn back time. Like this child was a bad kid well he thinks he’s a bad kid. A screw up and he gets a family and this family loves this kid so much and thinks the world of this child. Then one day out of the blue he disappeared and no one knows where he went come to find out he was at a friend’s house and pretty much lived with his friend and the family didn’t know. So the family comes to agree that the child can stay with his friend as long as he’s safe and family knows he’s safe. Then out of the blue child disappeared again. Why does this child keep disappearing you may ask.

The pattern of life the child thinks that he can get away with a lot of things and the minute he as rules or has to do something he don’t wanna do he disappeared. The pattern of life we all go threw it. Don’t let the child pull the will bubba’s over your eyes watch for the patterns. Don’t let them run all over you to get what they want.


What do you think?