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Laughter helps build relationships

Don’t be afraid to be funny if you want to be loved, says Jeffrey Hall, a communications specialist. To prove that laughter helps build relationships, he conducted a series of studies.

He claimed that the success of our first date depends on how much time we laughed. – The more a man jokes and the woman laughs, the more she is interested in him. And if both interlocutors laugh, this is a sure sign that their relationship is strong and harmonious.

He sought the connection between a sense of humor and a level of intelligence.

Throughout the past decade, scholars have debated whether a sense of humor is really a determining factor for a woman when choosing a partner. Does this mean that in a claim to the heart of a lady you can arrange not fights, but comedy stand-ups? Jeffrey Hall is confident that finding someone who will love your sense of humor is valuable in itself.

If you meet a person with whom you can always laugh, it means that your future relationship will be filled mainly with positive emotions. A good sense of humor often indicates that a person is communicative and open. If a person is sociable, then he will easily joke even in the company of unfamiliar people.

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