Daily rainbow?

I’m still wondering by the high temperatures in my area, which are almost impossible to bear lately, followed by thunderstorms and fast rains. I’m feeling myself like I were living in the tropics, and I’m not there for sure. Trees plucked from roots, flying roofs, streets flooded in several minutes, and what is the creepiest is the darkness installed instantly when the storm is starting.

It doesn’t last for long, just ten or fifteen minutes, but for everyone it’s enough being involved into this horror.

Then comes the sun again and the rainbow, of course. I was tempted yesterday to take a picture from my 10th floor balcony. Just to remember. I don’t plan to take daily pictures of rainbow, and I hope the daily storms will stop, because I’m not a fan of horror movies with darkness, floods, thunders and lightning, trees overturned on cars and streets resembling Venice. ? I don’t intend to purchase a boat in the near future. 🙂

Inside of this entire horror the rainbow is wonderful, though.


What do you think?

Written by simonex


  1. The weather here has been odd lately too. We even had a tornado in Southern California last year just down the road from me. We never get that kind of weather. My grandma used to say, ” hold onto yer hat” in weather like this.