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Daily post – no 7

I was celebrating too soon. After just two or threedays of sun, the rain got back stronger than ever. And the forecast predicts at least two weeks of storms from now on. I like rain, but come on, enough is enough!

Another photo from my old stash, the leaves of a rose after rain, I have a thing for droplets ?. Got a few more droplets photos, but I hope the next photo will be more on the sun side.

Feeling a little sick, maybe I caught a cold. I hope you like the photo, enjoy!


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Written by Gogata Ionut


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    • Huh, today we finally had a “no storm” day. I feared there’s gonna be raining today too, but no ?.

      P.S. No reply button on your comments for some of my posts, guess we reached the max limit ?.

      P.S. 2 Yeah, no cherries left for me, they ate them all!


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