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A Close Up Reveals The True Beauty Of An Ordinary Rose

I never thought that roses are this pretty. Until I came a little bit closer. I see these everyday, but never notice them. One day I was passing by, doing my own business. This beautiful rose definitely caught my attention with her perfect shape. And I stopped for a second to admire her orange petals, and just had to take a photo. No bad phone camera can harm her rebellious beauty. Just had to share with you one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces.

Next time when you see a beautiful rose, stop. Yes, I know that we are all in a rush. We are constantly in a hurry, worrying that we will be late. But , when you return the next time, the rose might not be there. Or, she will eventually wither and turn into a pile of dried petals. Catch the right moment, as it will not repeat. When you are on your way, stop and spare a minute of your precious time. Smell her gorgeous fragrance.  Enjoy the touch of her gentle petals. From time to time, it’s good to stop and enjoy the moment. The beauty is everywhere. It is up to you to find it.


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Written by Kristina


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