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Mother Nature still delights us

Thank you Mother Nature for those four full seasons of goodies, precipitation, and different moods! 

The days when summer meets the autumn in a doorway and pauses for a short chat are one of my favorites. When you’re still enjoying the last heat, but already putting on warm sweaters and boil the water for fragrant teas. When you go out in the morning with gloves and sunbathe on the terrace in the afternoon.

Such farewell to summer is the best! It seems strange when you look at the calendar, but when you go outside you can still catch the summer by the tail.

Unwashed floors and laundry can wait for a little, let’s enjoy the last moments of warmth outside!

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  1. Well, every place in the world may have a different climate. At the moment in New Zealand’s spring we get the equinox winds from the Tasman sea which are strong and chilly. But at the same time it is yet spring.