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Bird Care – Part 2 Louis and VET

This was taken by my cell phone in Bird Barn pet store, Lincoln Road, Henderson.

However, my little Louis was weighed and measured by the vet. He weighs 60 grams which is the heaviest budgie she has ever seen, so he is now on a strict diet of Harrisons Formula only.

Plus she cut his toe nails and told me now he is older. That cage he lives in must be scrubber with vinegar once a week but he needs a bigger cage, now he is an older bird.

Louis was kept for a while for a blood and fetal test. The blood and fetal test was Ok. They told me to put him on painkillers for a while and see him next tuesday. I learned to hold Louis and give him painkiller medicine with a syringe. The nurse instructed me in a clipped voice and told me off ,but I am confident with Louis now I have had practice at home.. 

Yesterday I made measurements on how much bigger is possible and it was like everything fell into place at Bird Barn in Henderson.

I have a new cage more next time.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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