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Care of Pet Birds

Meet our little “Shrink!”. Our Louis, a budgie. 

Any budgie can live from 8 to 20 years with the right type of care. 

To care for Louis, he gets fed Harrison’s formula 2 teaspoons in a place that is easy for him to get to. One teaspoon of Bird Seed which is less easy to get to. Plus a fresh leaf of silver beet or spinach daily but there is a long list of fresh greens, fruit and vegetables that are good for them.

He has a cuttlefish and special bird perch which I was advised to get but he prefers a natural branch with knots in it. He also has sterilised bird grit to help him digest his food.

Very important, fresh water.

Any pet is a commitment and cleaning his cage and food bowls is essential to his health. Plus he gets a flying fit lesson every day, where he can fly free.

I lost one budgie, because I did not know they really are unwell if they only eat supermarket budgie seed all their life. No one told me, so here I can share this knowledge so that if you get a pet bird it can have a chance to live a long and full life.

Just one more thing..Budgies are sociable birds and they need company. How would you feel if you were put inside a jail and no one spoke to you all day?

We talk to him and when we go out we leave the radio on. Plus if the weather is not too hot if we go out all day he goes in the car with us. He loves the trip and loves being a back seat driver.  I haven’t been able to take him out because the weather is too hot in the car to leave any pet in the car or child. It gets to 27 degrees celsius, it will be 37 degrees celsius. The heat will fry his insides. 

Another thing, keep a budgie away from oil paints, and fly sprays and chemicals. That really affects them badly.

#1 Louis by ornamental pig

Yes, Louis is due to a vet check today.  I take him to "Pets & Exotics" in St Lukes as they have a specialised team of Vets that do a veterinary check on any bird, rabbit, bearded dragons, lizards, mice, rats, dogs or cats or other type of pet.

They sell food for the type of animal that is often not sold in the supermarket. 

  1. Hes so pretty. I didnt know that info either. We have had birds in the past and only fed pet store food. Wow. I was also wondering about that with my fish. Looks like I need to read more. Good to hear he is doing okay, and got that new cage like I said in the other post. Great info and things to consider.


#2 Budgie on top of the curtain.

We got Louis in 2007, he is still alive today.

Louis was 2 years old when we got him, he was from Bird Rescue and a very angry sad bird when I got him.

Louis is now 11 years of age. Most budgies don't live that long because their owners don't know how to care for their birds. 

#3 Louis the Art Critic

Budgies are very bright birds. In the morning he sings when the kettle goes on. 

Warwick my husbands painting is on the wall and Louis has inspected it.

They are bright, chatty and a pet that is just wonderful to have around.

Most of all, any pet needs love, attention and the type of care it requires.

Louis has not seen a vet for a while and often it is best to take a pet to the vet if you can, before symptoms of illness is shown,

Often with birds, symptoms of illness showing to you, it is often too late. 

#4 Louis in his home

Make sure the bird has enough room in its cage to get around in. Always when choosing any bird as a pet, check to see that the cage is suitable for the bird.

Try and make their life interesting. Birds make great friends.

When exercising a pet bird like a budgie make sure it is safe for him to fly by keeping doors and windows shut.

If a budgie is set free in New Zealand they will die, because the other birds and cats will kill him and they get more tired, usually exhausted. 

The most important factor in a pet, is tender loving care. To me, Louis is part of our family.

No guarantee by giving any pet all your love & care whether it lives long or short, but if you make an effort, its life will have a good quality .


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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