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Which Is The Best Flower Photo?

If you search the web you will literally find millions of photos of flowers; the majority of these pictures are almost the same. As a photographer, I want to produce unique photos, photos that inspire awe, inspire feelings or at the very least get the viewer to say “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before”.

However, as I have only been dabbling in the art of photography for a few months I’m still learning about the rules of composition, the idea of framing a photo and the ability to create unique photos that focus more on quality and texture rather than simply regurgitating the same photo that everyone else takes.

It’s a process of learning for me – I know what pleases me but this doesn’t necessarily mean the photo is good. As part of the learning experience I’m taking a lot of photographs of flowers, focusing on different aspects. Sometimes I’ll focus on the color, sometimes the perspective while at others I’ll really delve into the heart of the flower using a macro lens.

I do feel I am approaching it in a systematic way, but without feedback I am unsure if I will improve or not.

Art (and I consider photography an art form) is often in the eye of the beholder – and that’s where I feel I need help. I need the viewer to objectively look at my work and let me know what pleases them.

I am addicted to flower photography – as I find the way nature can create simplicity, beauty and ironically complexity over and over again – hopefully with your help, and your votes I can begin to understand what qualities a good photograph requires, and what photos should simply end up in the trash can!


What do you think?

Written by SimeyC


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