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Beautiful Sun Sets

The weather of my country is very hot. Sun is shining very brightly in day time. We are lucky to enjoy four weather,Every weather has it’s  own charm. Temperature is getting down at afternoon.I also go on the roof before sun seting  to enjoy the nature beauty. There were some clouds in the sky and temperature bring down.A cool wind was blowing. You can see two kites are flying. I captured this colorful sun setting view in my camera.I thank GOD,   how to enter a day in  a night and enter a night in a day.

Do you like this view?I wanna say,if you see beautiful, wondering, Amazing things so think about it creation and thank GOD, because(GOD) he is actually able for admiration and praise.

Alhamdulillah Rabbul Aalemeen.


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Written by Hina Hamid