20 Tips to Save Water, Energy, and Money

  1. Use washing machine, dishwasher, and shower after 7 pm.
  2. Only turn on lights in the room that is currently being used.
  3. Take your car to a commercial carwash instead of washing your car in your driveway or curb because the water at the commercial carwash tends to be reused many times.
  4. Change your irrigation controller settings on a monthly basis, based on a specific water guide schedule.
  5. Check your toilets for any leak.
  6. Consider upgrading your washing machine and dishwasher into water-efficient versions.
  7. Do a meter reading to calculate the exact amount of water that you use each day.
  8. Be a water-wise gardener by using a holistic method, building a living soil sponge, rethinking elements of your site, collecting and using rainwater, and properly managing your irrigation.
  9. For more information, contact your water company for tips.
  10. On nice, sunny days, take a break and go outside, enjoying the weather, environment, and nature, whether going on a stroll, hike, doing yoga outside, riding your bicycle, going to a movie, reading a book, people watching at a public place for inspiration, and window-shopping at a mall for creative ideas.
  11. Leave the sink faucet off while brushing your teeth.
  12. Conserving electricity indirectly saves water.
  13. Use refillable water bottles, and fill up your bottle at water fountains and filtered systems.
  14. Don’t buy plastic bottle water to help save the environment.
  15. Shower only after sporting activities, rather than before you go to a sporting activity and showering again afterwards.
  16. Consider setting timers and reminders.
  17. Consider replacing your lawn with low water ground cover. Many malls now have them, which is often used as a playground for kids.
  18. Check for broken sprinkler heads by performing manual runs, maybe once a week.
  19. Use native plants and succulents. Such plants use minimal water.
  20. Consider using a habitat garden to attract birds, butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects and wildlife.


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