Create Your Own Valentine Activities for a Busy Month

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The beginning of every month is a good time for a fresh start. Make a list of everything you want and need to do for this month, and post it on your refrigerator to remind you. Make most of each day by doing at least one positive task each day. Write it on your calendar to fill your calendar with your positive monthly accomplishments and tasks.

  1. What is your life purpose? It has to do with serving others first, but it will also end up serving you as well because something good will come out of such selfless project. But it should be something you are naturally good at or you have an expertise in. Work on it each day and see where it will lead you. On your way, gather inspiring clues, like a scavenger hunt. It might also involve doing some research, studying, and reading as well as changing your schedule to make more time to do something.
  2. Consider helping the environment, earth, and animals in some way. Be independent and do it on your own. It could be as simple as cleaning up your yard and front porch. Or, it might involve taking care of animals and the environment as well as treating yourself with your own spa treatments. Do things that will make a difference for your environment. Start with changing up your home environment, recycling, reorganizing your closet.
  3. Be the Director of your own life by taking action in a creative way to get things done. Start by reorganizing your rooms. Or, consider taking yoga classes at the gym. Maybe consider changing your diet, sleeping more, and creating a balanced life. Join a hiking meetup, or create or own hiking meetup, asking friends to hike with you. Small changes can bring big changes into your life. Do something small for the world to heal the world.
  4. Puppet masters control various puppets on strings, which has to do with manipulation control role playing, and wishful thinking. For Valentine’s Day, consider going to a musical show or theater performance. Or, maybe comedies, parodies, or Improv show. Consider a fresh and new outlook on a way you do things to add your own spin and flair.


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