Sierra Club Campaigns Help MAKE AMERICA GREEN AGAIN

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I recently received information from the Sierra Club, an environmentalist group that works to protect the land, air and water from further destruction. The letter lists 9 reasons that urge Americans to fight the Trump Administration from further destroy America. I even received a green sticker with this letter, which states “MAKE AMERICA GREEN AGAIN.”

#1 The Paris Climate Agreement

  • Trump continues to run his mouth, claiming this and that, regardless if it makes any sense. He claimed that he pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement to save America. But, in reality, he must stick to the agreement deal and follow the rules. No country can leave this agreement before NOVEMBER 4, 2020. America is still officially in this agreement, and it can still make some disastrous changes to the earth, environment, land, water, and air, which will likely lead to the depopulation of many humans and animals for the New World Order Zionist agenda.
  • This snapshot is in Seattle, Washington, during my brother's wedding.

#2 Negatively affecting a Green Economy

  • Trump wants to “revitalize American coal industry” as well as ‘zero out federal research and development for green energy,’ which could increase energy prices and increase the unemployment level.
  • Maybe that might be their strategy for America's Economic Collapse
  • This snapshot is from my neighborhood. One day, I was taking a stroll and I noticed many Monarch Butterflies. So, I stopped to take pictures.

#3 Zionist-Occupied Congress wants to dismantle the Clean Power Plan

  • Congress claims that greenhouse gasses aren’t dangerous to humans and animals in society. If they keep pushing that agenda, than they will prevent the EPA from being able to fight back. This Clean Power Plan is important because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions from electricity plants. But it is still very hard to dismantle because it requires a lot of work as well as a creation of a new plan. Sierra Club lawyers continue to fight to protect the environment and air quality.
  • These magenta colored flowers is growing over my backyard from the neighbor's backyard. But I like it because the color is pretty. I took this snapshot from my bedroom window.

#4 Trump wants to use coal for energy

  • Coal tends to be very expensive cleaner energy method. “Ending the moratorium on new coal leases on public land” is required so that coal companies will be forced to be liable for all the pollution and destruction of the environment.
  • This flower was by my front yard, against my Stucco Townhouse.

#6 Reduction in Environmental Budgets

  • Trump’s Taxpayer First Budget reduces the environmental budget. The EPA’s budget was reduced by 31% while the Department of Agriculture’s budget was reduced by 21%. With a reduction in the environmental budgets, it will become difficult for the EPA and Department of Agriculture to adequately watch for violations destroying land, air, and water. Moreover, it would also become difficult to convict these greedy polluters.

#7 Zionist-Occupied Congress Wants to Sell Land to Private Sector

  • Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz wanted to authorize HR621, allowing the Secretary of the Interior to “sell certain Federal lands in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming,” which is 3.3 million acres of land being transferred from public to private interests. The people fought back and he withdrew the bill. But Sierra Club fears that Zionist-Occupied Congress will find other ways to sell lands to the private sector.


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