My Valentine’s Day 2018: Interesting but not Romantic

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

After I ate my breakfast, I decided to go to UCI to check out the events. So, I decided to record the 2-hour noon to 2 pm Olympic coverage so that I don’t miss anything interesting. I walked to the UCI campus, which is across the street, and towards the Mesa Court dormitory. I have lived there for two years, when I was a student, and I noticed a lot of things have change. There are now more dormitories so that more students can find housing, which was a big problem in the 80s. I knew many freshmen who didn’t know where they will live because it was hard to get a dorm room, find an apartment, or find any available and affordable place. I also noticed that the dorm cafeteria is much bigger and it looks different. I suddenly felt old, as I looked back to my college years. I checked out the small sustainability fair, which is about recycling, reusing, and maybe renovating and remodeling. I picked up some tips about growing your own food, in which I am not good at, as well as making my own natural and homemade products. I made a small basil plant, and hopefully I can make it grow. I also made my own facial mask, which consists of mixing coffee grind with honey, and you can also add milk. Or, you can make it vegan by mixing coffee grind with coconut oil, in which I might try after I finish my sample. I picked up other information because I plan to try it out.

Then, I walked by the Vendor Week, in which I haven’t been to it in a long time because I am mostly busy with my graphic novel as well as going to meetups. It was hot today, and the campus was also active, probably because it was a nice day, filled with different activities. But there was still a light breeze blowing, which made the heat bearable. Someone in the dorm area was flying a kite. I haven’t flown a kite in a long time, probably because it never works right or it always gets stuck in some tree.

I dropped by the post office to mail a bill, before returning home to watch the recorded noon Olympic games. It is Day 5 of the Winter Olympics 2018, and at noon, the agenda was Men’s Nordic Combined, which involved ski jump and 10K race on Normal Hill K98. It sounded interesting, and I was getting into this competition. Austria’s Rehrl was in first place, followed by Norway’s Riiber, Austria’s Klapfer, and Germany’s Frenzel.

After fifteen minutes of this competition, the Olympics coverage was rudely interrupted by an annoying Special Report of another teen shooter at an affluent Florida high school. I just sat there and watched because I thought it was only going to be five minutes. But they talked about it for a whole hour, and they mostly said the same thing over and over. I really wasn’t interested. I don’t even watch mainstream news because it is so stupid. This 2-hour recording was supposed to cover the Nordic Combined and Luge competitions, in which I didn’t get to watch either. Anyway, it looked like martial law because the streets were filled with SWAT team, police, a huge ambulance, and the police or SWAT team looked more like soldiers because they uniform was olive green or khaki colored. There were a couple of olive green army jeeps, which might be SWAT team cars. I noticed them handcuffing an 18-year-old male. He was wearing a burgundy blouse and dark pants, and the color burgundy appeared to be school colors because I saw other students wearing that color blouse as they ran out of the school toward safety with their arms up in surrender pose. Sometimes, multiple shooters might sneak out with the group. So, the police made sure to check backpacks in order to for any kind of weapons. The handcuffed teen, at another area, and a group of police or SWAT team appeared be examining him, maybe taking a picture and tasering him because a huge gun was pressed to his shoulders, maybe to tranquilize him, even though he was just standing their handcuffed and he appeared to be calm. Then, put him on a huge chair-like stretcher, still handcuffed, and they strapped him down, before covering a sheet over his body. They rolled the stretched into a very huge ambulance. He looked dizzy because his head was hanging to the side. The helicopter camera even followed ambulance on the freeway toward the hospital, where the paramedics pushed the stretcher into the hospital for some kind of treatment. This drama was the 2-hour Olympic coverage I recorded, in which I had no interest in watching. It was also noted that 14 students were wounded and taken to a hospital for treatment, as well as there were multiple deaths. But the other students that were hiding in the school were safely evacuated. Some were actually trying to get help on Twitter, talking with family.

(Blender powered by a bicycle. A couple of years ago, I did video at UCI’s Wayzgoose Fair, where a student was demonstration how this blender bicycle works by making a fruit smoothie?

(This photo is of the dormitory students garbage, which is the reason why they did this fair).

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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