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Good afternoon on this beautiful 23rd of January 2019. Yes this post is a very simple one as I just want every Virilyans to witness the beauty of the Outaouais valley, Canada on this gorgeous day.

As you can maybe see it is snowing right now here and just look at all that wonderful fluffy and cold snow.

This is our back yard full of undisturbed snow with the fern trees almost covered with it. Isn’t it a pretty site? I realize that there have been a lot of posts with snow lately but I just love it so much that I just had to share my part of the world with all of you.

And here is the front of the condo. It looks like a sea of snow right now. The motorist must be screaming and cursing their heads off right now, but actually I do not mind. I do not drive myself (and believe you do not want to see me behind a wheel as I am scared shitless) but it is great for walking and moving snow around. One fact remains that snow prints are great as I will explain.

About 25 years ago, I used to live in another part of Gatineau. We had there a huge unfenced back yard that gave way to a wooded trail area way out in the back. Well, one evening, my then mate and I went out for dinner and came back to find that we had been robbed and that my stereo system was missing. But lo and behold, the robbers had taken a sleigh from the backporch to haul the system and just walked towards the back woods trail. My then mate simply followed the snow footprints trail that finally led him to the main road where he found, still on the sleigh, the stereo system. I guess the robbers were going back to get their vehicle to come and pick it up. So, my mate just had to come back and get his truck and drive back to recollect the stereo. And guess what, the stereo was working better than before after being out in the snow and the cold. So the robbers gor robbed. This is no joke. 

Now finally this last picture with our summer swing that is slowly being engulfed in snow. We will appreciate it even more when summer comes after seeing and winessing it like this.

I just wanted to invite you all to come to my part of the world. But you will have to hurry up because they predict freezing rain overnight with just rain tomorrow. Crazy weather hey! Anyway come, one come all and we will have a blast while this snow lasts.


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  1. Nice post, not a world I live in because I have never seen snow, but you can get used to anything and dress accordingly. I think it looks very pretty .
    Sorry to hear you were robbed. We were robbed too once and now I have a fair idea who did it. However, trust the Good Lord knows and I believe sometimes things work out in the end.

    • Oh yes lots of snow especially in January and February. But I just love this season. I do not mind spring and fall either but I do not like summer because of the heat mixed with humidity which make that same heat harder to tolerate. Again thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting and of course up voting.

    • Well that is why I wrote this post. Come one come all, bring warm sweaters, mitts, tuques, and boots or snowshoes and we can have a winter BBQ. You are all invited…Thank you for your nice comment, your up vote and your visit on computer…

  2. Brrr… It’s a bit difficult for me to comment on this post… My fingers are shivering because of the snow!
    Believe it or not, if my wife is still capable of a long flight, Canada is one of the countries I most want to visit. Especially with that snow! Although maybe I should wear 30 layers of clothing.

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