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wander project twin 1, Baby A, twin 1a they are identical afterall

It was a journey; it is a journey when you start talking twins. The second of the series today is focused on the second twin. Who was technically the first twin as they were denoted Baby A. I figured at this point it was better to label them the opposite? Baby A, as covered today, was the first of the twins born. They consider themselves older, although it was by 10 minutes. Nine minutes and 24 harrowing seconds, but that is a story for another day. The first picture is of the enigmatic smile of the twins. They each had many smiles; this one is the what comes next smile. Often in response to a situation that the twin wasn’t comfortable in or not aware of what was coming next.

Of the two, the first twin born is more vocal. The two of them are mirror twins. Mirror twins mean that they are identical. In addition to being identical twins, they are mirrors. One is right-handed, and the other is left-handed. Mirror twins are very rare. Twin A came out into the world, ready to talk and take on the world. Twin B, from yesterday, was more reserved. They were looking at the pictures you see that the two of them didn’t dress the same form an early age. We made that choice, but they embraced it. Twin A, our baby for today, loved (and loves) red and all the hues of red. They are starting with both their caps (red for twin A). One of my all-time favorite pictures of the two of them in their baseball caps!

The lunar lander picture has been shared many times. It was always fun to run the twins around in the lunar lander.  The last picture is of a twin truly not wanting to be sitting on the lap of their mother. They wanted to be on the move. By the time the two were old enough, we used to say they were mobile, agile, and hostile. People would ask how do you manage twins. We would say one hand, one twin! We usually wondered how people with triplets or more, managed them! From an early age, the two took off in opposite directions. In this case, they were wriggling to get free of mom! Twins are interesting; the poster project many years ago was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!!!


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