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Unusual wedding customs around the world

There’s at least one thing very common among the human society still, and that’s the marriage. More often than not, the couples nowadays still decide to say the very-expected “I do”, even though there’s a trend lately to stay, live, love and share everything with your partner and never ever get married to them. As the world is big and is populated by people of all kinds, there are different believes and customs around the world according to the country, religion, age and sex of the partners. 

Let me share with you the most uncommon and unusual wedding rituals around the world.

A Scottish bride is suppose to resist being throw the most disgusting thing that comes up to your mind by her friends. To make the situation even worse, they even tie her later on a tree, as if she can stand all this, she can cope with everything. This is a typical pre-marital humiliation for the bride.

A Chinese bride starts her preparation for the wedding at least a month before ‘the day’. She is actually getting ready for ‘the salty song’ by crying at least for an hour every day, 30 days before the ceremony. In ten days after she begins the preparation, her mother joins her in doing the same. Ten days later the grandmother is suppose to join the two. By the end of the month every female in the bride’s surrounding is crying alongside. The purpose of all this is to express joy, as the women weep in different tones.

In India the woman who is born as Mangliks is believed to be cursed because of the astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are under the 7th house, therefore it is believed that her husband will face early death. In order to avoid such tragedy, the woman must be married first to a tree. That way the tree is the destroyed one which breaks the curse. Unfair but still.

In Fiji the men who want to get married and show  real and unconditional love to their partners have to be very brave. The thing is that besides asking for their girlfriend’s hand from his father, they are suppose to bring him a whale’s tooth too. The only place to find such a thing is in the mouth of the largest mammal on Earth which spends almost all of the time underwater. That’s why true love requires risks.

In Southern Sudan a bride from the tribe Neur better gives a birth to two male babies, as it is only than when the marriage is complete. Otherwise the husband can seek a divorce with full right, considering her a failure. 

In Ireland when the bride and the groom are dancing, the bride has to make sure her feet always touch the ground. The legend says that if they don’t, the evil fairies come and sweep her away. That’s because the fairies like beautiful things and the bride is one of them. 


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  1. Very interesting post! I like reading about such customs. Sometimes they sound unusual and outdated, but in the past there was always a reason even for the weirdest traditions.

    • That’s right! I choose to share only a few of them as I did not want to scare the hell out of you guys! hahah! I really hope some of them are lost already, as they are too strong and unusual!