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5 Non-Traditional Bridal Dresses

The spring is arriving, and so does the wedding season. Here we go, few dreamy bridal dresses that will make you tie the knot, if you haven’t already.

For all of the unique brides that want to wear somewhat different bridal gowns, here is a list of modern and extravagant bridal dresses. Enjoy!

#5 The 70’s Queen of Jumpsuits

Wear pants on your wedding and in your marriage! Who can stop you if you want to feel like yourself and not pretend to be a princess in a gown? Just go ahead, it is so chic to wear jumpsuit as your bridal gown.

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Written by Ana

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  1. I love a beautiful wedding dress; and I don’t mind unusual and different. Buy wearing a jumpsuit to walk the down the aisle? No way! That’s where I draw the line. Nice pics. 🙂

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