Trump Administration Announces Separation from the UN Human Rights Council

Geneva: The United States announces to leave its membership from the UN Human Rights Council alleging that UN HRC is Hypocrites and anti-Israel.

In United Nation, US representative Nikki Heli said in a joint press conference with American Foreign Minister Mike Pompio, that the UN Human Rights Council is anti-Israeli and hypocrites who has humiliated human rights, so America decides to leave the membership of this council. Niki Heli said the human rights council as a mess of political prejudice.The purpose of quitting that membership is not that the United States is withdrawing from its human rights responsibilities.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutherich said we are trying and demanding from America to change his decision in this case. They want the US Council member to be. The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Zaid Radd Hussein said that the American move is frustrated but not surprising.

The UN Human Rights Council was made in 2006, who has passed several resolutions against Israel on Violence against Palestine, on which United States expressed concern. A few days ago, the Human Rights Council released a report on the occupied Kashmir situation, in which, India was severely criticized on the Kashmiris’ protest. While the Human Rights Commissioner Zaid Radd Hussein also declare uncensored  the trump policy regarding separation of  the illegal immigrant children coming  to the United States. However, like the UN, its Human Rights Council also seems to fail to take practical steps ahead of the resolutions.


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