Training Kids to do their dirty work

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Winter Olympics 2018 is sadly coming to an end because the winter games are fun to watch, especially figure skating and ice dancing. After the Closing Ceremony, which is on Sunday night, my schedule will be regular again, but I still want to blog my Winter Olympic summary for each day.

I decided to browse on YouTube this evening, and I stumbled upon an interesting video about the Florida Shooting incident. It is all about a masonic fraternity for young men called Demolay, which trains them in doing such terrorist acts, as crisis actors, professional shooters, and puppets for Zionists’ puppets. I am sure they will eventually graduate into being Illuminati members.

As I watch this video, I suddenly remembered a movie that I watched on an indie channel, Fifth Wave, which is similar to the Hunger Games. One of the young kids in the Fifth Wave realized what was really going on in the camp, and he told the other  kids that “they training us to do their dirty work.” Well, this video about masonic clubs for kids sounds like the same thing. They are training brainwashed puppets to certain acts.

Notice that the masonic groups for young people include DeMolay, International Order of Job’s Daughters, and BFCL Rainbow Girls. I am sure there are more, but I am not aware of others.


What do you think?


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  1. I am hoping you will actually see this and respond because I am very confused and would like to understand. Do you know if any of the people posted in your picture belong to the organization your post is about? Do you know the names of the people in your picture? Looking forward to your response.

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