Creating a Crisis to Promote an Agenda

Friday, January 12, 2018

At 8 am, I glanced outside to notice that the atmosphere looked very cloudy white and foggy. My view from my slide door was being obstructed by this white filmy and foggy substance that I cannot see much past the townhouses across the street as well as some trees. But beyond these townhouses, it is all white fogginess. I changed my clothes, anyway, to prepare for a yoga class at noon. By 10 am, I noticed that the sun came out, and the sky appears to be slowly clearing up. I enjoyed one hour of yoga and one hour of walking meetup for breaks throughout the day.

I went to Youtube to watch some videos, and I noticed a video about creating crisis to provoke violence and chaos in societies. It tends to be staged with policemen as crisis actors, dressed as protestors, to act as agents provocateurs. But, in other countries, crisis actors are anyone desperate enough to do this job. As you notice from the video, the street is filled with Police State. It has been happening all over the world, such as Canada, London, USA, and other countries. The Zionists are anxious to start their New World Order via staging and encouraging mass chaos so that the Zionist government can bring forth martial law. They want to encourage the public to start a revolution so that there will be a need for martial law and Police State society.


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