Third World America!

This is 2.5 Tons of Garbage cleaned up in 5 hours by three people. Most was collected in Northampton County Va. This was done on what was supposed to be the start of an annual clean up the Shore event, sponsored by my company, and other businesses, as well as individuals. Around 30 people showed up, most collected a handfull of trash, but wanted the free dinner and T-shirts as promised for all those who participated. The usual leaches, looking for minimum effort handouts. I hoped this would inspire others to clean up the “Hood” areas of the Shore, maybe bring a little Pride to predominantly “minority” neighborhoods, being they tend to self segregate, even with religion. This was to no avail, and within a week, it was as if no one ever cleaned anything, and those neighborhood residents seemed to enjoy trashing things back up. Many never go to the waste centers, instead they just chunk all their garbage in the ditches across the road from their own homes. Some people seem to relish living in self caused third world conditions. I find myself now tired of trying, so I’m moving to a nice pristine area soon, you see no litter, and the people are friendly, and seem to care about the health of this planet. Sadly Demographics can predict what areas will look like. Third World, or Clean Living.

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  1. There are no Cities on the Eastern Shore, Just small towns, and a Chamber of Commerce who pushesto sell a pristine natural area to tourists. The complete opposite is true. The Slogan ;” You’ll love our Nature”, should read “You’ll love our roadside Garbage, and Third World Neighborhoods”.

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