Saint Francis De Sales Inspires Seekers

I would like to dedicate this post to Doc Anderson. One of his posts inspired this post.

I am not catholic, but I have heard that Francis De Sales is the saint for authors and teachers. I recently read a post by Doc Anderson, and read how he sometimes does not know what to write about. I use to have this problem, but when that happens I turn to this saint for inspiration. Just meditate on this saint asking for inspiration and watch what happens. If you do not believe in the power of saints I understand, but just try it anyway and let me know what happens.

Poem inspired by Francis De Sales

Trash day

It is time to leave

all your regrets behind


life is for the living

and dwelling on the past

can make a person feel simply just dead


after throwing out your dirty laundry of thoughts

pick up the clean laundry of living

Then you will never feel like

you have been living with trash

ever again

Our minds can become cluttered with unpleasant thoughts, especially when thinking about the regrets we have been harboring within our minds. I have experienced these feeling too many times within my life. I can tell you that you can be happy once again. Just clean your mind daily with pure thoughts about peace and happiness. Your life will find new meaning from that moment on.

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Written by LaJenna

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  1. This is really a nice and inspirational post. I am surprised how you found out about this saint, especially that he looks like a Hindu… I’m sorry I missed Doc’s post you mentioned, I have to pay attention to his writing a little more, didn’t know he wrote about it and that he has such problems… Do you know where he wrote about it..? 🙂 Best! 🙂

      • Well, yes, I understood all what you wrote quite well, don’t know why you didn’t understand my comment… :/
        I just asked how you found out about this Saint, because he looks like a Hindu so probably not that “famous”, and also asked in which post Doc wrote about his writers block because I’m sorry I missed that post…

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